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. Summary of positions held :

A. Assignments as International Interim Executive (2000-2006) :

A. 1 : Controller (3 months) in a mobile operator
Classical Controller¡¯s Activities

A. 2 : CFO (12 months) in a major Manufacturing company
Responsible for all activities of the CFO-department (financial accounting, cost accounting, payroll, reporting, ¡­ contract management, legal issues etc¡­..)

A.3 : CFO (4 months) in an Equipment Maintenance company

A. 4 : Due diligence (1 month) of an acquisition in Scandinavia

A. 5 : Liquidation (4 months) of companies abroad

A. 6 : Due diligence (3 months) for the acquisition of 2 french groups (and their combined 30 affiliates abroad)

A. 7 : Integration management ¨C after acquisition - (12 months) 2 european groups
This comprises a lot of diverse activities which are mainly triggered by the Integration Manager.

A. 8 Change Management + installation of Internal Controls & CFO-position (¡Æ 18 months) in a privatized company in East-Europe.

Prior to starting as an international Interim Executive (1969-2000):

Several executive finance positions with major multinationals, in 3 european countries and within the following sectors :

. Telecommunications
. Automotive - . Railways (rolling stock and infrastructure equipment)
. Electromechanicals - . Components & Semiconductors
. Public Accounting - . Food

Details can be obtained on the occasion of an interesting position/assignment.

Description of activities offered in my role of interim executive :

. Due diligence reviews on the occasion of Mergers and Acquisitions
. Initial management (as ceo/cfo) of newly acquired companies, businesses, divisions to ensure proper integration into the organisation of the acquirer
. Analysis of management reporting systems, recommendations for change or adaptations and the subsequent implementation of required systems (in cooperation with IT professionals)
. Evaluation of existing structures to identify potentials for cost avoidance/savings
. Temporary replacement of Chief Financial Officer/General Manager or any other management function
. Liaison with external auditors in situations of acquisitions, disposals or restructuring of companies
. Restructuring of companies or divisions thereof
. Revenue Assurance Programmes (identifying the basics, related shortcomings and/or uncovered items)
. Preparation of initial public offering for businesses/companies
. Acquisitions, Divestitures, Closedowns, Reorganisations and all activities related thereto.
. Evaluation of major investment proposals/ provide explanation of conditions needed for success
. Asset Management in the broadest sense of the word
. Risk Management (installation of a systematic approach to catch all potential exposures)
. Analysis of specific treasury issues to ensure exposures are covered at minimum cost
. Analysis and recommendations prior to embarking on a new ERP
. Any other activity that is related to a short term management requirement


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