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ICT Interim Management / Out of the box thinking

ICT Interim Management / Out of the box thinking


Project 1 :
Within the global corporate project ID2013+ responsible for the redesign and optimisation of the internal business processes, based on a lean administration approach, introducing new technologies and working methods.

Project: 2
Temporarily replacement of ICT manager (fired) to guarantee continuity for the company and the product development.
Roadmap for restructuring and optimization of the working of ICT departments and ICT-teams.
Roadmap for review and redesign ICT infrastructure and product development.

Project: 3
Creation of a Disaster Recovery Plan for their administrative ICT infrastructure.
The plan consisted in
* guidelines for data centre selection
* guidelines for infrastructure requirements
* Guidelines for software adaptions and Disaster approach. Which application need to take care of and how, to reach an optimal automatic DRP environment;
* Review and propose improvements of the existing project management processes, introduction of new ones.

Project: 4
The project consisted of the replacement of the Storage infrastructure (2 Pb net) which is used for the storage of all digital media within the VRT. The concept was to build a dynamic environment ready for the future and the introduction of HD-television, without changing architecture, but guaranteeing the continuity of the availability.

Project 5
The interim function was due to temporary recruitment stop within Belgacom. However the department urged to have a solution for the management and coordination of the international procurement departments

The assignment was to revise and align the procurement activities in the different countries (Netherlands, UK, France, Luxembourg, and Spain) in order to prepare a road map for the coming manager (6 months).
Purpose was to align the different team, to set up cost reductions programs, to set up international contracts.

Project ....: Multiple projects
Within Group Joos I was primarily responsible as Plant manager (Rotamail) for the printing division, oriented on promo print work. The aim was to have a complete turnaround from a money losing company into a profitable company.
In a second phase I was responsible as “Commercial ICT Director” the all printing projects and information distribution projects throughout the group. This resulted in a mass print work for the whole group and the introduction of miscellaneous new approaches;


K.U. Leuven
* Commercial Engineer in Applied Economics and business Informatics

* M.B.A. in Accountancy

* Prince 2
* .......


Core competencies :
Management & coaching of Information Technology Departments & Projects;
Definition & design of innovative up-to date ICT-systems and methodologies;
Strategic alignment between ICT and Business;
Definition of reporting systems, C.K.F.’s
Analytical and pragmatic process optimizer;
I.T. Management (Advising all aspects of I.T.)
Resource Management
Resource Planning/Budgeting
Program/Project Management
Cost reduction through process re-engineering
Minimize operating risks
Implementation of system architecture
Secure valuable data
Ensure business continuity
Customer satisfaction driven
Proven track record in IT sourcing
Working experience > 25 years






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